Open Enterprise Master Patient Index


Here is a list of resources that are available to help you get started with OpenEMPI and explore its many features.

  • Documentation; At this page you will find the documentation that is currently available for OpenEMPI. There are multiple documentation trees available for various versions of OpenEMPI so choose the one that most closely matches the version of the software you are using.
  • User Support Forum: Here you can post questions to the community regarding installing and using the software.
  • Issue Tracking: If you have identified an issue with the software, you want to request a new feature, or you want to check on the status of an issue then this is the place to do this.
  • Downloads: Here is where you will find the latest available releases of OpenEMPI. If you haven’t downloaded a release of OpenEMPI from this site, you will need to register for an account. Note that this account is different from the account used to post questions on the forum.




We are grateful to ej-technologies GmbH for granting us a free license to their JProfiler software which is invaluable in helping us improve the performance of the OpenEMPI software.