Open Enterprise Master Patient Index


OpenEMPI has many features that differentiate it over other EMPI solutions. In this page we list some of those features.

  • OpenEMPI has been designed using the principles of Service Oriented Architecture such that the overall system consists of a collection of loosely-coupled services that interact with each other using interfaces. This architectural approach makes OpenEMPI very modular and easy to extend or customize.
  • In order to make OpenEMPI easy to integrate into an existing Health Information Exchange, we have developed a number of alternative integration routes. You may use the pure Java API which provides access to the full functionality that OpenEMPI has to offer or use the REST-based web services interface which provides access to most of the functionality available but through a more loosely coupled approach. If you prefer a more hands-off but standards-based approaches for integration, you may use the IHE PIX/PDQ interface or plug-in OpenEMPI as the EMPI of a NwHIN CONNECT gateway instance.
  • By exploiting the modular architecture of OpenEMPI, we have implmeented multiple alternative service components for some of the services that comprise the OpenEMPI system. For example, we have implemented both a deterministic and a probabilistic matching algorithm and the user has the opportunity to select the best matching algorithm implementation for their site.
  • By further taking advantage of the modular architecture of the system and its open source nature, a site may choose to develop a custom module that provide characteristics that match the specific requirements of the site. The module can then be plugged into the system without causing any disruptions to the components of the system.