Open Enterprise Master Patient Index


The EMPI technology experts at SYSNET International are available to deliver a variety of professional EMPI services including:

  • Registry Installation and Configuration: Our expert consultants can provide the support you will initially need to install an instance of OpenEMPI and load data from your existing repositories into the system. We can analyze and profile the data in your system to assess the quality of your data and then use the information from the profiling phase to properly configure the blocking and matching algorithms so that they will minimize the rate of duplicates in your system.
  • Algorithm Configuration and Tuning: OpenEMPI provides sophisticated blocking and matching algorithms that are highly configurable. Utilizing our extensive experience with the operation and configuration of those algorithms, we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate modules during deployment of the software and help you customize the algorithms to fit the unique characteristics of your data.
  • EMPI Profiling and Data Cleanup: If you already have a registry of patient data and are simply looking for help in reducing the duplicate rate in your system, our consultants will utilize our cutting edge tools to analyze and profile the data in your system, assess the quality of the data, and identify the duplicates that need to be resolved.
  • Software Integration Development Support: OpenEMPI makes it easy to integrate this system into your existing Health IT infrastructure by providing various software interfaces that you can utilize ranging from the industry standard IHE PIX/PDQ interface to a powerful web services interface. Our software consultants can provide custom software development services to help you smoothly integrate OpenEMPI into your other systems.
  • EMPI Remote Hosting: Outsourcing your EMPI service to us can provide cost efficiencies by eliminating the need for your organization to develop the expertise needed to install, configure and maintain your OpenEMPI instance in operation over the long term. We can host your EMPI as a secure cloud service and ensure that it is maintained properly, ensuring that any data quality issues are discovered and resolved early.