Open Enterprise Master Patient Index


SYSNET International, the creator of OpenEMPI, provides a number of commercial support services for OpenEMPI as well as subscription-based commercial licenses that will allow you to integrate OpenEMPI into closed-source applications. Such support services can take your EMPI infrastructure to a new level of accuracy, performance, and scalability.

OpenEMPI is our open source (dual licensed) EMPI that utilizes cutting edge algorithms to help organizations minimize the duplicate rates in their databases. Unlike other EMPIs, OpenEMPI was developed with flexibility and extensibility as the core aspects of its architecture, allowing it to support a wide variety of matching algorithms including both deterministic and probabilistic versions. This flexibility makes it possible for a site to implement the configuration of the EMPI that best matches the characteristics of their data and the sensitivities of the organization. Beyond selecting the most appropriate matching algorithm, each component of the system provides a wide variety of configuration parameters that can be customized so that the duplicate rate of the customer’s repository can be minimized.

We offer a number of professional services for OpenEMPI which are described in more detail under the Services page.

  • Help with the initial registry installation, data import and configuration
  • Expert advice on algorithm selection, configuration and tuning
  • Data analysis and profiling, root cause analysis, data clean-up and project management support
  • Software integration services to assist the customer in integration OpenEMPI into their workflow
  • Remote hosting of the EMPI with outsourced ongoing maintenance and support.

Using commercial support for OpenEMPI offers many benefits including:

  • Using both commercial and open source software in mission critical aspects of a business includes the risk that bugs and unexpected behavior can arise during inopportune times. Commercial support for OpenEMPI will ensure that you have highly qualified support from the people who developed the software just when you need the help and won’t have to rely on help from the open source developer community that may or may not arrive on time.
  • Buying a subscription-based commercial license for OpenEMPI will allow you to provide input as to which features should be included in future releases of the product. This ability is usually not available as part of commercial software and provides the benefit of being able to incorporate custom features in the software without having to purchase consulting services, although that option is available as well.
  • Subscription-based commercial licenses to OpenEMPI also provides you access to bug fixes, performance, and security patches almost immediately upon identification of those issues without having to wait on the next release of the software like the rest of the open source community.