SYSNET International will participate and present at the 1st Annual OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent) Summit. OSEHRA’s mission is to facilitate, through the use of the best practices in open source software development, the improvement and maintenance of EHR information systems.  These systems will be freely available for all medical beneficiaries and – like other successful open source communities – will welcome the contributions of all kinds of developers.

The Summit will assemble the OSEHRA Community, which now numbers at over 1,000 individuals, but also provide a venue for Open Source Health IT Training and Education workshops. The title of SYSNET’s presentation at OSEHRA was “OpenEMPI: An Open Source Enterprise Master Patient Index”.

The Summit is of interest to anyone working in the convergence of open source business models, electronic health records, agile, open source software development, DOD/VA integrated Electronic Health Records (iEHR)s, and a multi-sector, public-private health information exchange.