We are pleased to release the first beta version of the entity edition of OpenEMPI. The new release includes many bug fixes and some new features including a new job queueing mechanism. Many of the operations that you can initiate through the web interface that take a long time to complete such as importing a data file, initializing the indexes for the blocking algorithm or running the matching algorithm against all record pairs in the system, are now added to a job queue so that you can continue on with other tasks while the operations are being processed in the background.

Over the next two months we will continue to improve the stability of this release, resolve existing bugs, and complete the integration of the job queueing mechanism into all long running operations. We will then release this as the full 3.0 release of the Entity version of OpenEMPI. The current production ready release of the EMPI edition of OpenEMPI which is at version 2.2.9 will also be released at the same time as the 3.0 release of that edition of the software. Going forward, we plan to continue to support both editions of the software and release them side by side. Please report any bugs you identify or let us know if there are any features you would like to incorporate into future releases of OpenEMPI through the forums.

The latest release is available from the download page at our hosting server. This release is marked as OpenEMPI Entity 3.0.0-beta. Installation instructions and other documentation is available at the documentation page. If you have any questions please visit the forums and to contribute follow the Contribution instructions at the documentation page and send in your bug reports, documentation contributions or new enhancements.