To help new users get started with OpenEMPI quickly, we now have a couple of Virtual Machine images that you can download. The images include an installation of OpenEMPI Entity Edition version 3.0.0 along with data already pre-loaded.

If you are using VirtualBox or VMware Workstation you can download the following image from Amazon S3. The image is in standard Open Virtualization Format (ODF/ODA) so you should be able to start the VM using either VirtualBox or VMWare. The machine was built using Vagrant and the super-user is vagrant (use the insecure_private_key available through Vagrant) or using password vagrant. OpenEMPI is installed as user openempi (password: openempi) and once you login as the openempi user, you can start the Tomcat server using /opt/tomcat/bin/

We have also created an Amazon image with OpenEMPI pre-installed. The AMI name and AMI ID for this image are openempi-entity-3.0.0-ubuntu-14.04 and ami-f28dd39a respectively. The root Unix user for this VM is ubuntu but you should still use openempi (password: openempi) to look at the OpenEMPI installation and start the Tomcat server as in the other VM.

If you have any questions or issues, please post them at the forums. We will be posting a longer blog post soon to describe in more detail how to access the VMs.