We are pleased to release a new version of the EMPI edition of OpenEMPI. The 2.3.0 version includes many bug fixes, stability enhancements, and performance improvements. The Job Queueing mechanism has been integrated with most long running operations such as re-indexing the blocking configuration, loading a large number of records, and matching all records in the system. If you are currently using the 2.2.9 version of OpenEMPI or an earlier version of the EMPI edition, we encourage you to upgrade to the new release as we have fixed a number of important bugs. Upgrading to the latest version is just a matter of running any database update scripts to bring your database to the latest version and deploying the latest war file.

The latest release is available from the new download site at the OpenEMPI Downloads page. Installation instructions and other documentation is available at the documentation page. If you have any questions please visit the forums and to contribute follow the Contribution instructions at the documentation page and send in your bug reports, documentation contributions or new enhancements.