We are pleased to release the 3.6.0 version of the entity edition of OpenEMPI. This is a major new release of the entity edition and includes a considerable amount of improvements that increase the performance and scalability of the software. It also includes a new and expanded REST API that provides access to all aspects of the software, making it easier to integrate OpenEMPI into other solutions. We highly recommend that you follow the upgrade instructions to migrate for your current version to the 3.6.0 release and that you apply the upgrade to a test or development instance first before migrating your production instance. We will continue to support the 3.5.x releases for at least a year and continue to make releases along the 3.5.x sequence this year. You can read more about this release in the release notes page here.

For information on commercial licenses and support for the new edition of OpenEMPI, please contact support@sysnetint.com.